Evening Routine: Being Prepared and Organized for the Next day

I always consider evenings as an opportunity to prepare for the next morning because I know how crucial it is for the whole family to start the day on the bright side. Here’s what I do on a normal evening:
Setting Lunch Boxes
It is much easier to get of the comfortable recliner and make lunch boxes in the evening. Right now, I am only preparing lunch boxes for my youngest and 14-year-old son. My eldest daughter buys her lunch at school. Every night, I place all homemade savory treats in a container, portion out seed mix, crackers, and yogurt. After packing these items, I allow my children to do the selection in the fridge the following …

Disciplining Children: How to Make Them Do Tasks at Home

Discipline is not my strongest suit. I don’t like reprimanding people in general. However, when you become a parent, you realize that it’s essential from time to time.
If I have free time, I use it reading about parenting problems and discipline strategies. Some parents employ chores as punishment, for example, mowing the lawn or cleaning the cookware. While some of them contain valuable and useful details, I don’t agree with them a hundred percent. Since each child has different behavior and personality, there’s no perfect strategy to manage all of them. However, you can still check some of these strategies. After all, you’ll never know…