Welcome to the Mom Slant!

It was in 2009 that I started blogging and ever since then, I cannot stop myself from loving it.  What I share here are the tricks and tips about organizing the normal chaos of a family life. On the blogs, you can discover the culmination of my personal experiences and other learnings that I have observed from other families. I cannot say I know everything there is about parenting and family life, but my husband and children are able to teach me new things every day.


Speaking of children, I am a mother of three beautiful kids with ages 7 to 16. We have two girls, the eldest and the youngest. Our only son is right in the middle with the age of 10. They provide a delightful entertainment and a constant inspiration both for my life and blogging.

I can barely call myself a perfectionist. However, I do like things to be sorted out. I find disorganization and disorder to be stressful so planning is important for me. Planning the key component of our family lives means coping up better with unforeseen and common scenarios in a family household. Included here are children fights, tantrums, and temperamental teenagers. These are the constant struggles that I have with my children, but together with my husband and with proper planning, we are able to raise them well.

We are able to create some changes to our household through working on habitual setting and establishing a certain goal setting, all of which I share on my blogs. This is with the intention of helping others create positive changes to their own lives and to their households.

My blogs are focused on establishing solid foundations and setting organized households so we can spend extra time with our families and enjoy every moment of it. I have put together blogs about the key routines and how to plan them properly. This is formed by thinking what caused stress the most in the household and searched for a routine that can eliminate or minimize that. You need to spend some time for a routine in order to move on the next one. One routine at a time can slowly yet effectively get you there. Good luck!