I always consider evenings as an opportunity to prepare for the next morning because I know how crucial it is for the whole family to start the day on the bright side. Here’s what I do on a normal evening:

Setting Lunch Boxes

It is much easier to get of the comfortable recliner and make lunch boxes in the evening. Right now, I am only preparing lunch boxes for my youngest and 14-year-old son. My eldest daughter buys her lunch at school. Every night, I place all homemade savory treats in a container, portion out seed mix, crackers, and yogurt. After packing these items, I allow my children to do the selection in the fridge the following morning.

Checking the Clean and Available Uniforms

Being able to identify the scheduled activities of the family members and tracking the number of uniforms allow you to determine when you need to do the washing.  In my case, I wash clothes every Wednesday and Friday. I usually start by washing clothes once my children are already off to bed.

Clearing the Bins

Emptying all four bins that we have in our home is now a household task that I have assigned to my husband and children except for my 7-year-old child. This routine includes segregation and recycling of trash.

Evening Cleaning

I have already expected my children to clean their things before heading off to sleep. My husband and I will just pick up the remaining clutter. As you see, my children tend to just make things even messier if we told them that it’s still quite dirty.

Preparing the Breakfast Table

I set out all the things need for the morning breakfast in advance. This includes the utensils, mats, and cereal boxes. I make sure juice and milk are available so that my children will just take their preferred meal out of the fridge. I just allow them to get up and serve themselves.

Beginning to Unwind

After all the preparation I need to do in the evening, there is only a little amount of time for me to relax and unwind. However, I always try to allocate some of it every time my day ends. There is the necessary exercise that I do for bone growth stimulation as I am, of course, aging. I also do some forms of meditation late in the evening. I have done it for almost four years already, and it has given me some positive results.

Final Thoughts

Organizing things in the evening can help my mornings become smoother. It allows me to have more time for myself during the day, and my family members can leave our home at the right time.

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