Discipline is not my strongest suit. I don’t like reprimanding people in general. However, when you become a parent, you realize that it’s essential from time to time.

If I have free time, I use it reading about parenting problems and discipline strategies. Some parents employ chores as punishment, for example, mowing the lawn or cleaning the cookware. While some of them contain valuable and useful details, I don’t agree with them a hundred percent. Since each child has different behavior and personality, there’s no perfect strategy to manage all of them. However, you can still check some of these strategies. After all, you’ll never know if it works unless you try it out yourself.

Give children enough freedom

Giving your children too many instructions at one time or asking them to do a lot of things can highly arouse disobedience. Allow your child enough freedom to perform a specific task. Also, don’t overwhelm them. Allow them to accomplish one task successfully before you assign them another one.

Make clear and positive requests

Many parents, including me, are used to giving vague requests and instructions. For instance, I ask one of my children to “stop being silly,” when I’m really asking them to stop making funny noises. I find that providing your children instructions about what you want them to do rather than what you do not want the children to do is far more effective.

Give them time to perform tasks you assign

I happened to observe that poorly timed instructions can also affect the children’s behaviors. Expecting them to follow your instructions immediately when they are focused on doing things they enjoy can only lead to disobedience. It would be better if you can give them a warning some minute ahead. For instance, when my child is watching TV, I tell her to do what I have asked her after five minutes or by the end of the show.

How our children cooperates can depend on how you deliver the instructions. When assigning them a task, you should show them that we are an ally and not an enemy. After all, your children are not really your slaves. Make sure that they understand that the tasks you give are essential in keeping the home organized.

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